Fun With Headlines

Catching up on some sports-related web browsing, and I see the following link headline from yesterday’s “football” game:

Marshall catches 4 TDs; AFC wins Pro Bowl

Upon reading this, my brain had the following discussion with itself:

Wilber Marshall? . . . No, that makes no sense. Hm . . .

Leonard Marshall! . . . No, same problem there.

Defeated, I had to click on the link to find out that it was Brandon Marshall who did the thing with the ball in the game I didn’t watch or care about. But at least I was slightly amused by that point.

Thursday Night Movies: Layer Cake

The short version: numerous good points don’t overcome a bad ending.

(But backing up, a quick intro. We’re gonna try this thing. I posted this on The Facebook this morning, that I want to make Thursday night “Movie Night”. Hopefully I’m either gonna see something in theater, or start working through my backlog of Netflixes. Even more hopefully, I’m gonna write up reviews. We’ll see how this goes…)

Layer Cake (2004), starring Daniel Craig, and featuring quite a good ensemble cast, including two members of The Order of the Phoenix (Dumbledore and Shacklebolt, if you must know). Jokes aside, Michael Gambon was good in his role, and Tom Hardy is the other ‘known’ name, although his role was smaller. And Sienna Miller was, of course, gorgeous (but that was pretty much all she had to do in this one, was look gorgeous).

Pretty straight forward Brit Crime/Gangster/Suspense movie. Well written for the most part, well paced, plenty of twists and turns in the plot, but not confusingly so. Fairly easy to keep everyone straight, which is good in an ensemble cast while characters are dying and you’re trying to keep factions and loyalties straight, etc, so on and so forth.

I enjoyed it, right up until the last 30 seconds, which were absolutely pointless. I didn’t see any of the original marketing for this film, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they teased it with the SHOCKING twist at the end. I thought it was uninspired, and honestly unnecessary.

I guess overall I do recommend seeing this if you’re in the mood for something in the Snatch/Lock Stock vein. Just keep your expectations low.

America, F%^k Yeah!

Well, that only took a decade, and a war in a country that he was never in, with the resultant loss of so many of our brave soldiers (absolutely no sarcasm whatsoever there – our service men and women *are* heroes), and the loss of a bunch of personal freedoms, and a debt that our great-grandchildren will still be paying off. But hey, we got him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we did, and I’m glad that the world is perhaps that much safer now, but at some point we should ask ourselves if the cost of doing things this way was really worth it.

The ‘lost’ Radiohead album

I was reminded of this via a post over at Kottke this morning. I remembered reading it and trying it out shortly after In Rainbows was released, but I couldn’t remember how it sounded. (Short version – urban legend has it that In Rainbows and OK Computer were designed to be companions, and that a playlist alternating tracks between the two is ‘awesome’.)

After listening to it, I’m underwhelmed, and I probably was the first time too. Understand that I loved Radiohead up through OK Computer – I saw them on tour for that album, and it was an amazing show. I’ve since come to love their next album, Kid A, as well, but it definitely marks a shift in the kind of music the band makes, and Thom Yorke in particular has changed his vocal style and melodies since then. They’re no longer the same band that made those first three albums, and that’s fine.

In Rainbows is a nice little album. (In much the same way that some of Pearl Jam’s latest albums have been ok, but it’s been all downhill since Vs.) But this playlist doesn’t work for me. The musical style is somewhat similar, but it still just doesn’t ‘fit’ right. I’d be tempted to say that this idea of a companion album was leaked out there to encourage sales, but if you’ll recall, In Rainbows was the album that Radiohead let you download for free and asked you to donate what you thought it was worth, which got them plenty of publicity as it was.

In any case, I think this is some wishful thinking on the part of the old-time Radiohead fans, who should be going out and buying Muse’s albums instead.