The 20 Worst Drinks in America

I\’m not usually a big fan of these advice type articles. I\’m of the opinion that diet advice boils down to the following phrase: Eat less. Work out more. That said, I think this is worth a look, both because of the startling badness of some of these concoctions, and the clever imagery with which they\’re presented. So go ahead, have a look:

The 20 Worst Drinks in America.



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3 responses to “The 20 Worst Drinks in America”

  1. monkey Avatar

    I like the saturated fat comparison of the top-ranked one: 68 strips of bacon.


  2. wadE Avatar

    I think that just gave me the green light to go home and eat 68 strips of bacon!

  3. nursdude Avatar

    In talking about Light beers, it said to avoid Sam Adams light, to drink Amstel Light instead…sorry….for a couple of extra calories, I would rather enjoy my beer.

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