A Serious Man

So I watched A Serious Man last night, fully expecting to like it. And I mean obviously it was well done, and clever, and it\’s the Coen Brothers, and I usually like what they do, and you all know I like a good dark comedy. But it was seriously (pun intended) depressing, and the ending was both depressing and abrupt. And but so what I\’m wondering is:

Am I just not Jewish enough to really get the movie?

Anyone out there want to chime in and help me out on this one? Kthx.







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    I felt pretty much the same way– I completely recall “meh”ing after walking out of the theater. I mean, yeah, it was well done, good visuals, all of that, but… it just seemed textbook Coen, and that was disappointing to me.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    Although the Ron Meshbesher part was pretty awesome. 🙂

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