The *other* Game 7.

You know, the historic one.[1. I\’m well aware that you probably don\’t know, and in fact may only barely know your own ass from a hockey puck. Don\’t worry, I\’ll spell it out.]

The Philadelphia Flyers have already made history. They\’re now the sixth team in NHL history to lose the first three games of a series, and come back to force a Game 7. Two teams have actually managed to win the series, and the Flyers hope to be the third. This puts me in an uncomfortable position.[2. No, not the back of a Volkswagen.] I find the Flyers to be a generally unlikable team, anchored by the twin pillars of D-Baggery, Misters Carcillo and Pronger. The city of Philadelphia has already broken the Curse of Billy Penn, so they don\’t exactly deserve a break because of a title drought. Then again, neither does Boston, and I can\’t say they\’re that much of a likable bunch either. (Unless of course, you do enjoy cheering for Satan. Which I do.) And I do like cheering for history. . . but I\’m still not going to say it. So good luck to you, winner of Friday night\’s puck game. May you lose to the Canadiens, preferably in four.

Speaking of Les Habitantes. wadE asked me what I thought of the Penguins and Baby Jesus Crosby finally getting knocked out (in last night\’s other Game 7). I think the short answer is that they finally got tired, after two straight years of being in the Finals, plus having quite a few Olympians playing extra games this year. And it doesn\’t hurt that they ran into Jaroslav Halak, who\’s doing his very best Cam Ward impression.[3. I refuse to compare him to Patrick Roy. Call me when he\’s plugging his ears with two Stanley Cup rings and then we can talk.]

Going forward from here, I\’d love to see a Hawks-Habs series for the Cup. Bonus points regardless if Hossa loses in the finals for a third straight year.







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  1. monkey Avatar

    Oooh, I’d forgotten that there’s a Hossa-loses-three-straight angle. Although I was definitely rooting for a best-of-three Wings-Pens Cup Final, I’m on the Canadiens’ bandwagon now. As long as it’s neither the Sharks nor Hawks, I’m happy, but I also couldn’t stand seeing the Twin Pillars of D-Baggery (great phrase) lift the Cup.

    You can compare Halak to Roy when he’s got two rings, a monkey, and a statue of liberty. With any luck, he can knock three of those off this year…

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