Classic Minnesota

I\’d like to paraphrase the 15-second promo for one of our news stations that I heard the other night. I feel that it captures the essence of how ridiculous Minnesota can get sometimes. (Picture these bullet points appearing on screen along with the perky anchorwoman.)

\”Here are some of the stories we\’re working on for [redacted] News tonight:

The woman who swerved and killed an 11 year old boy was drunk!

A man is accused of sexually molesting children in his mother\’s own daycare!

And there\’s a chance of rain all week!

Tune in at [redacted]!\”



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3 responses to “Classic Minnesota”

  1. nursedude/Steve Avatar

    I don’t even watch CNN or Fox…I try to catch the BBC news on BBC AMerica. While I was working out tonight, somebody had CNN on, and could not believe how much time Lindsey Lohan getting tossed into jail was getting. American news has become celebrity driven, and in watching any of the news in Minneapolis/St Paul, you would be hard pressed to find any news outside of the region.

  2. wadE Avatar

    Let me guess… channel 5? Not that any of the other channels are all that great, but they especially suck.

    Also, the only thing you are missing from the headlines to truly make it “Classic Minnesota” is:
    — Gulf Oil Spill, The Minnesota Connection!

  3. Mandy Avatar

    I’m four months late to this, but — it’s the classic Arrested Development: “What this means for your weekend!” (Watch it already, would you?)

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