Week 17: Vikings vs. Giants

Quite the big day for the Vikings yesterday. 487 total yards on offense. Only 181 yards given up on defense.

These totals weren’t surprising. The Vikings played a New York Giants team that was out of the playoff picture and couldn’t even be bothered to show up in their last game at Giants Stadium ever. In a game that mattered against Carolina the Giants gave up 41 points. In a game that didn’t matter the Giants gave up 44 points, and it could have been worse.

I would have preferred worse. Viking fans will never forget the infamous 41-doughnut game on January 14th, 2001. In the third quarter of yesterday’s game, with the Vikings ahead 34-0, when Childress went for it on 4th and 1 from the 1 yard line I was shocked. Taking the field goal is the safe thing to do. Taking the field goal is the right thing to do. But every Viking fan in that stadium wanted to look up at the scoreboard and see Vikings 41, Giants 0. I can’t believe that Chilly had it in him to be such an ass. It actually makes me like him a little… very little. In comments after the game players said the coaches emphasized “having a statement game” as they headed into the playoffs. When asked about the aggressive (read: pouring it on) game plan Childress responded “just wanted to stay on the gas”.

The most fun for me though was partying before and after the game. Through a relative of a friend I was able to tailgate indoors near the stadium prior to the game. Tons of free food and booze. A big screen TV, music, and quite the interesting crowd. The highlight of which was meeting, getting a picture taken with, and partying with 100% Cheese Free. We partied before the game and after we celebrated every Dallas Cowboys touchdown that delivered the Vikings the number 2 seed they so desperately needed.

Regardless, this game doesn’t solve all the Vikings problems. As I wrote last week the number 2 seed gives them a chance in the playoffs. They still have flaws and weaknesses, and they thrashed a team that didn’t seem very interested in playing the game (13 penalties!). But an extra week of rest, a home game, and no chance of playing outdoors until the Super Bowl gives the Vikings as good a chance as any other team. Here’s to hoping I have three more games to blog about!

Skol Vikings!







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