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  • 2014 Vikings Preview

    Before we look ahead to 2014, let\’s take a brief look back at 2013. 2013 was one of the more painful years of being a Vikings fan… well, one that didn\’t involve going to a championship game and losing… but I digress.

  • 2013 Vikings Preview

    After a surprising 10-6 season and a near record breaking year for Adrian Peterson the expectations for the Vikings are as high as they\’ve been in some time. Will 2013 be a year where the Vikings take that next step, or will they regress?

  • 2012 Vikings Preview

    The Vikings are coming off of their worst year since the Les Steckel year in 1984. I can\’t get any worse than 3-13, can it? Don\’t ask questions that you don\’t want to hear the answer to. But before we look ahead, let\’s look back at that stinker of a season.

  • 2012 NFL Draft Diary

    Nothing like an NFL draft to get back on the old SP horse! Time for an old fashioned draft diary! 7:00 CDT: We are coming to you live from Casa Van Betta. Alex is here for the moment to watch the first few picks. We open with Ray Lewis and some rapper who looks like…

  • Fun With Headlines

    Catching up on some sports-related web browsing, and I see the following link headline from yesterday\’s \”football\” game: Marshall catches 4 TDs; AFC wins Pro Bowl Upon reading this, my brain had the following discussion with itself: Wilber Marshall? . . . No, that makes no sense. Hm . . . Leonard Marshall! . .…

  • 2011 Vikings Preview

    \”I expected so much more… yet I didn\’t…\” That\’s how I feel about the 2010 Minnesota Vikings. So before we preview the 2011 campaign let\’s recap 2010.

  • Vikings Draft Reaction

    We\’re gonna try a new Gambit format, starting today. Every Tuesday/Thursday, Alex is gonna throw out a topic, and we\’re all gonna sound off. Topics will cover a very wide range, you can be assured of that. So without further ado, here\’s some armchair punditry about the 2011 Minnesota Vikings draft: wadE: Time has tempered…

  • 2010 Vikings Preview

    After last season\’s heartbreaking loss in the NFC title game I never had the motivation to properly wrap up last season. Continuing in the long storied tradition of my Scandinavian forefathers we\’ll just pretend last season never happened and we\’ll take those feelings of anger and crumple them up into a little ball and put…

  • Canadian Tuxedo

  • 2009 NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview

    wadE and Wade have teamed up to give you the most indepth analysis of the upcoming 2009 NFL Wild Card Weekend… well… the most indepth analysis you\’ll find on at least…