Week 16: Vikings @ Bears


Those are the final scores of the last 6 games of the 2008 season for the Arizona Cardinals. I bring this up to illustrate that all hope isn\’t lost for the 2009 Vikings. Although I would be remiss if I didn\’t mention that I already have one foot off of the bandwagon.

Last week\’s loss in Chicago wasn\’t completely unexpected. At the beginning of the season I assumed the Vikings would lose in Chicago. Old Man Favre in cold weather, late in the year, hostile environment. Sounds like a recipe for a loss, maybe 17-16 with Favre throwing two or three interceptions. So what happens…? Favre throws for 321 yards, two TDs, and no picks. It turns out that the Minnesota defense lays a huge turd on the field and lets the hapless Bears and cry-baby Cutler throw for 4 TDs, with the last one coming in overtime from 39 yards out.

Now the Vikings are in danger of being the 3 seed in the playoffs. Missing a bye, and most likely seeing an outdoor game prior to the Super Bowl. I liked this team\’s odds when they looked like the 2 seed. Playing a game at home and then traveling to New Orleans for the NFC Championship (playing indoors and on turf against a team they match up well against)… and if New Orleans fell (which is very possible) the Vikings would host the NFC Championship. However, going to Philadelphia will spell doom for the Vikings season. Playing outdoors is part of it. Playing against a good rushing (and overall) defense. Donovan McNabb is a Jedi. Chili facing his old team which he doesn\’t \”relish\” doing. All of these don\’t bode well for the Vikings.

I\’m struggling to keep the faith. A strong showing against the Giants would help, but still won\’t be enough. But I would still like to see them beat the Giants.

Skol Vikings!







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    Can somebody get me a picture of Donovan McNabb in a Snuggie? Thanks!

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