Week 12: Vikings vs. Bears

Unlike last week I have no holiday excuse for being late in posting. However, there wasn\’t much to say about the Vikings asskicking of the Bears. The Vikings were a bit sloppy (a few penalties), but after the first quarter the Vikings dominated.

I went to the game with my friend Corinne. After the game we talked about how the Vikings haven\’t played anyone who is especially good. The Steelers aren\’t as good as everyone thought. The Vikings were lucky to beat the Ravens (who aren\’t as good as they could/should be). Tonight the Vikings play the Cardinals… another team that really isn\’t that good. Maybe the Bengals will be the first solid test for the Vikings? Maybe it\’ll be the Saints in the NFC Championship.

We also talked about how we can\’t shake the 1998 Vikings out of our heads. That was the last Vikings team to be 10-1. A lot of comparisons have been made to 1998 with the Saints playing the role of the Vikings and the Vikings playing the role of the Falcons… and there could be some truth to that. Although I can\’t help but point out that the Falcons got destroyed by the Broncos on the Superbowl. But we both agreed that after the painful loss in 1998 neither of us are enjoying this season as much as we enjoyed that season; and it\’s possible we\’ll never enjoy a season that much again, even if the Vikings win the Superbowl. And if the Vikings fall short this year it won\’t hurt as much either.

To end on a more positive note… The good news is that the Vikings have been playing their best football that last couple of weeks, and their next game against Arizona should give us a better idea if they can continue to stomp on inferior opponents. And the Saints looked terrible in yet another lucky win against the Redskins today. I don\’t know if the Saints are blessed (pun intended) or if the Redskins are cursed.

Skol Vikings!







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