Week 11: Vikings vs. Seahawks

I am late in writing my wrap up of the Vikings v. Seahawks games for a number of reasons (Thanksgiving being a primary one), but what can be said about the game?

It was the ass-kicking that Viking fans has been looking for since they realized that the team was pretty good. While the Vikings weren\’t perfect, they played their best game to date and dominated all facets of the game.

We even had a full quarter of Tavaris Jackson. He threw a touchdown, but also reminded us why he isn\’t the answer. One could argue that he\’s rusty, but in previous years when he had a number of starts you saw throws that were often errant and only the talent of the receivers allowed for them to be completions. Tavaris\’ career record is due to the other talent on the team, not what he brings to the football field.

Tavaris\’ appearance also showed how important it is for Brett Favre to stay healthy for the Vikings to make a Super Bowl run.

I am off to Metrodome for the Bears game this afternoon. Hopefully my next update will be just as short and glowing as this one.

Skol Vikings!







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