I bet Jay Glazer feels like an idiot.

A day after backing off his story that several Minnesota Vikings players feel that Favre would be playing for the Vikings this year, the unthinkable happened. At this moment Brett Favre is practicing with the Vikings.


It’s a shocking turn of events only because it seemed this was all in the rear mirror just a few short weeks ago. Favre said he was turning down a great opportunity, but just couldn’t see his body holding out for a full season. Coach Childress had said that it was over and the team was moving on… case closed.

So what changed?

First thing that changed is that both Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are injured and not 100%. Next was that both QBs looked rotten throughout all training camp (blamed on Tavaris’ injury and Sage’s newness to the system).

So what does this all mean?

Well, Childress (and the Vikings organization) looks like spineless idiots. They allowed Favre to skip off season workouts, skip minicamp, skip training camp, and skip the first preseason game. A bit of a slap in the face to the rest of the players. On the other hand, how many of those players are first ballot Hall of Famers? (Adrian Peterson isn’t there yet)

Favre looks like the ultimate flip-flopper and loses a lot of credibility. But if he shows up and plays well… who cares?

The only thing that matters is how well Brett Favre plays. If he plays well, all is forgiven/forgotten. He is undeniably an upgrade at the Quarterback position, even if Sage played well against a terrible (and banged up) Colts defense for two series in preseason. So how does a Vikings season look with a health Favre at the helm?

Sept. 13 at Cleveland

The Browns are still a terrible team, and I think even T-Jack could beat them. Favre’s record against the Browns is 2-2, but that is misleading since I think one of those games were against Bernie Kosar. (I kid, sadly it was Mike Tomczak)

The wrinkle with this game is that Eric Mangini is now coaching Cleveland. How Mangini got another job is beyond me. Anyone else notice that the Belichick coaching tree looks pretty sad?
Vikings: 1-0

Sept. 20 at Detroit

If there is one team worse than the Browns… it’s the Lions. I would think (or hope) that the Vikings would find a way to improve over last year’s two victories (by a combined total of 3 points). Favre’s career record against the Motor City Kitties: 23-9
Vikings: 2-0

Sept. 27 vs. San Francisco

The Vikings are blessed with an easy start to the season. Second year coach Mike “The Eyes” Singletary promises to toughen up a team that hasn’t played well in since 2002, but they have their own QB issues to deal with (deciding between Vikings castoff Shaun Hill and possible 1st round bust Alex Smith… makes T-Jack vs. Sage look like a luxury). Favre record against the 49ers: 12-1 (includes 4-1 postseason).
Vikings: 3-0

Oct. 5 vs. Green Bay (Mon.)

Now here is where it gets interesting. This should be a game that lets Viking fans know if this team is for real. At worst the team is 2-1 coming into this game, but most likely 3-0. A win over the Packers (at home) would be big. But Aaron Rodgers is looking good, and the Packers porous defense is supposedly a bit stronger (although moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4 alone doesn’t make you better).
Vikings: 4-0

Oct. 11 at St. Louis

The Rams are still in recovery from the Mike Martz era. Vikings fans especially enjoyed the last 3 terrible seasons with former Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan running the team. Favre’s career record: 8-3
Vikings: 5-0

Oct. 18 vs. Baltimore

Baltimore is a real wild card this year. Will Joe Flacco have as stellar of a sophomore season as one would expect? Looking at last year, the Raves 5 losses came at the hands of the: Steelers, Titans, Colts, Giants, and Steelers. My thought is that Flacco remains tough, and if this game was on the road the Vikings would most definitely lose, but at home they have a good chance. Favre’s career record against the Raves: 2-1
Vikings: 5-1

Oct. 25 at Pittsburgh

Even with a healthy Favre, this game doesn’t look good on paper. Defending champs at home… the only good news is that it is in late October, not November or December. Probably a loss. Favre’s record against the Steelers: 2-2
Vikings: 5-2

Nov. 1 at Green Bay

Nearly the same comment as Pittsburgh. Thankfully it isn’t later in the year, since you know the Packer fans would pelt Favre with snowballs. Hard to predict now, but typically the Vikings and Packers split the season series. I would expect that to hold up.
Vikings: 5-3

Nov. 15 vs. Detroit

The Lions haven\’t won at the Metrodome since 1997. ‘Nuff said.
Vikings: 6-3

Nov. 22 vs. Seattle

What is scary is that Favre will face his first protégé, Matt Hasselbeck, who is 34. Seattle promises to be better this year, but I don’t see them being *that* good. Favre’s career record against the Seahawks: 3-3
Vikings: 7-3

Nov. 29 vs. Chicago

It may be my personal bias, but I don’t see the Bears being that good this year. Cutler is off to a shaky start (ripping on his best receiver Devin Hester isn’t a good thing). Add to that some key injuries on defense and it may be a long season in the Second City. Due to a fluke of the schedule the Vikings don’t play Chicago once until after Thanksgiving. By this time their season could be over. Favre may be getting tired by this time of the year, but the weather won’t be a factor in this game. But to play it safe we’ll assume a season split. Favre’s career record versus the Bears: 22-10
Vikings: 8-3

Dec. 6 at Arizona

If Kurt Warner can lead a team like the Cardinals to the SuperBowl, there is no reason to think the Vikings can’t? I see the Vikings beating the Cardinals late in the season just like they did last year. Favre record against the Cardinals: 4-1
Vikings: 9-3

Dec. 13 vs. Cincinnati

I’ll take the under on the points for this game, and the over on the number of Bengals in jail by this time. Favre versus the Bungles: 3-1
Vikings: 10-3

Dec. 20 at Carolina

While it shouldn’t be too cold in Carolina, it will be an outdoor game at the end of the year. Weather could play a factor and Favre hasn’t played well in bad weather in the past four years. Carolina played well last year until the playoffs, I expect a tough game. Favre v. Panthers: 6-3
Vikings: 10-4

Dec. 28 at Chicago (Mon.)

As stated above, I will expect a split.
Vikings: 10-5

Jan. 3 vs. New York Giants

Due to some strange scheduling, the Vikings close the season for the second year in a row with the Giants at home. It worked well last year at the Giants had clinched and put forth a less than full effort allowing the Vikings to get a last second field goal to win the game and secure a playoff spot. Regardless, this should be the game that tells the Vikings whether or not this team is going anywhere in the playoffs. Favre’s record against the Giants: 4-2
Final Vikings Record: 11-5

Without Favre… assuming a quarterback at least as capable as last year, I would expect a 10-6 record, maybe 9-7, with the Giants and Cardinals games being the question marks.

So does Favre matter to this team?

Yes… but how much remains to be seen.

Skol Vikings!







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