I use that inflammatory word because when I first read about this story in February it made my blood boil. It pretty much sums up how I feel about police officers.

However, here is the follow-up on that story: State trooper wrong; driver cleared

I realize that Police Officers are under a lot of stress, and it isn\’t an easy job; but they pull over a guy in a freakin\’ mini-van for illegal lane change, yet I see dozens of people doing far worse (going 15+ over the limit, cutting others off, etc.) on a daily basis.

I think the Chief of Patrol, Mark Dunaski, says it all: \”it was New Year\’s Eve, and she was looking for impaired drivers.\” That\’s the problem. Why not look for the guy/gal weaving in and out of a lane. Someone causing an actual problem on the roads! Changing lanes without a signal is just a lame excuse to pull someone over in the hopes they are drunk.

I don\’t want dangerous drivers on the road, but pulling over people for something so minor is tantamount to entrapment in my mind.







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