Week 16: Vikings vs. Falcons

The Vikings game versus the Falcons was moved to 3:15 this past Sunday to become the \”national game\” for Fox. However, I am in the New York area for the Holidays and unfortunately Fox chose to show the Eagles/Redskins in this market.

But never fear, via the internet I was able to watch the game using information I found on a website called howtowatchfootball.com. Sadly the game was about as pretty as my pixelated view.

Seven fumbles (four lost) is atrocious. What is sad is that you take away one of those fumbles, or the Vikings defense falls on the Atlanta fumble in the endzone, and the Vikings probably win that game.

Peterson\’s fumbling has gone from worrisome to downright scary. Although he was only credited with 2, he really had 3 fumbles, 2 of them lost.

About the only positive to come out of the game is at least this wasn\’t a playoff game, and it wasn\’t where a loss eliminated the Vikings from the playoffs. The Vikings now have to hope for a Green Bay victory against the Bears in Soldier Field tonight, a Bears loss in Houston next week, or a Vikings victory over the Giants next week at Metrodome.

The good news here is that the Giants wrapped up the number one seed in the NFC with an overtime victory against the Panthers. Although it isn\’t Tom Coughlin\’s style, I would expect the Giants to rest key players next week giving the Vikings a decent chance of winning.

What this all means is that I am a Packer fan tonight hoping that Aaron Rodgers can pull it together and beat the Bears this evening. Although the Packers have been horrible as of late, they always play the Bears tough and if I were a betting man I would take the Packers and the points (4.5) tonight. With that being said I expect a Bears victory by either 3 points, or 17+.

Doo-da-doo-doo-doo… Go Pack Go!

Skol Vikings!







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  1. Nursedude Avatar

    What is the saying? “It’s hard to play football with both hands around your neck?” The one thing is that if Green Bay can knock Chicago out of the playoffs, it would make their season. Nationally televised home game for the Bears tonight, and they have generally played well on national TV this year. Interesting to note that there were quite a few upsets over the weekend, like San Diego winning big in Tampa, Seattle dumping the Jets, Buffalo beating Denver and Baltimore winning the last game at Texas Stadium Vs. the Cowpokes. Hopefully the Vikings can beat a Giants team with little but pride to play for, because eventhough the game will be close tonight, I agree, I think the Bears will win.

  2. Nursedude Avatar

    PS-Wade, you called it right on the head. Who would have thought that the Packers would piss away not one, but two field goals. The other thing I don’t understand, is how Mike Sherman went super conservative on his play calling-Rodgers was picking apart Chicago in the First half. Think about it: The Packers have blown 7 4th quarter leads this season…that is an astounding statistic.

    You gotta give credit to the Bears for somehow hanging in a game where Kyle Orton looked like Chad Harrington in his worst Detroit days. Say what you want about the Bears and what a mediocre team they are-they do have heart, if nothing else.

  3. alex Avatar

    I know it was an honest mistake, but now I’m picturing the mutant love-child of Chad Pennington and Joey Harrington… thanks Nursedude!

  4. Nursedude Avatar

    Thanks for the catch, I did mean Joey Harrington. Pennington has played too well for the Shockingly resurgent Miami Dolphins…who play AT the Jets this week. I believe if the Fins win, they are in.

  5. wadE Avatar

    What has shocked me most about Pennington is that I’ve seen clips of him throwing accurate strong throws down the field this year. Not lasers mind you, but still strong throws. That was the major complaint about him for the past few years. Maybe the warm weather in south Florida has been kind to him…
    I didn’t get a chance to watch the Pack/Bears game, but was very sad to see I was right with the final score. That is two years in a row now that GB has lose to the Bears late in the season when I needed them to win (last year they cost me $100 in a LowerBowl)… even if the Bears lose to Houston, the Vikings need to beat the Giants to get some momentum and confidence heading into the post season.

  6. Nursedude Avatar

    Well, two of the home “Underdogs”, both the Cardinals and Chargers defied the experts and won on Saturday. It will be interesting to see if the Vikings can continue on that trend against the hotter than a Habenero Eagles. I got tickets, so I am crossing my fingers….

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