They\’re Animals

I think Joe Biden has said it best… some Republicans have devolved into fear and loathing. Check out this article; and then my comments after the jump.

The chants of Nobama (not to mention the shirts) were somewhat amusing/annoying when the Republicans were in town for the convention. It\’s a good catch phrase and it is relatively harmless. But what does one think when the Republican faithful start yelling out more disturbing things like \”Terrorist\” or \”Obama Osama\” or using his middle name like an epithet (not \”epitaph\” like Biden mistakenly said).

Republicans tend to take the high ground when it comes to politics. The party of family values. But there are extreme elements of the right that are just as dangerous and hateful as the anarchists on the far left. And now that it looks like things aren\’t going to go their way, they are coming to the forefront.

How different are the people chanting \”Obama Osama\” than this guy?



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2 responses to “They\’re Animals”

  1. alex Avatar

    Who are you, man who has picked up the Liberal Football and is running with it, and what have you done with wadE?

    I joke, I joke, I’m glad someone is able to write about this stuff, because honestly it all makes me too angry. I’m much better off just piping up in the comments.

    Also, it makes me sad to watch the devolution of McCain – he’s not even remotely the same guy I liked in 2000, or the guy who apparently considered the option of being Kerry’s VP in 2004 (although I don’t know how seriously). He’s embraced the same awful tactics that shafted him in 2000, and that makes me sad.

    Finally, here’s a terrifying link:

  2. wadE Avatar

    I don’t things will get quite as… um, crazy (?), as that article is presenting, but I do think it’s worth having the conversation to ensure people keep in mind what can happen when unchecked hate is allowed to flourish. But maybe I’m too hopeful in the American people?

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