Week 5: Vikings @ Saints

Two Words: Antoine Winfield

Two More: Ed Hoculi

Yes, I\’m back from my vacation across the pond, and would like to say I\’m rested and relaxed, but the travel day back on Sunday was a pain in the ass (I personally would like to say \”fuck you\” to everyone who works for Continental in the Newark airport, and the southern inbred idiot who fell asleep next to me and his gum fell out of his mouth and ended up behind me stuck to my shirt and my back). On top of that, by 9:00 AM Monday morning my job had removed any sort of benefit my time off had provided.

With that being said, I was not looking forward to the Vikings game. Grumpy, jet-lagged, and after the first drive by the Saints looked like a hot knife though rice paper, I was thinking that I would turn the game off by 8:15.

But then something odd happened. Isn\’t it strange how one play can completely alter the outcome of a game? Classically called \”The Butterfly Effect\”, the butterfly flapped its wings in the manner of a holding call against the Saints\’ fullback. Instead a first down in the redzone, it was suddenly 3rd and 10, incomplete pass, 4th and 10.

I watched the replay several times, and even though the field goal block is attributed to Kevin Williams, it doesn\’t look like it was hit arm. He may have just nicked it, but I really think it was Fred Evans\’ arm that the ball bounces off of and into the hands of Antoine Winfield.

Regardless, that was the start of Winfield\’s night and he continues to show why he is considered the Vikings Defensive MVP. (and perhaps she should start playing more special teams)

Another play in the first quarter I want to highlight is one that never happened. 2nd and 9 at the Saints\’ 34 yard line. The Saints\’ are confused on defense and Frerotte takes advantage with a strike over the middle taking the Vikings to the 10 yard line… except after the play Ed Hoculi reports that Saints took a timeout. Even with the loud dome, nobody heard a whistle, and no Saint player could be seen motioning for a timeout. Could have been called from the sidelines, but I\’m convinced it was after the ball was snapped. Vikings are lucky to get a long field goal from Longwell, but the game could have been very different had that play been allowed to stand.

Regardless, we all know how the game turned out in the end. While the Saints will cry and cry about how they \”lost\” the game and that the Vikings didn\’t win, if you take away those two punt returns (more on that later), the Vikings defense played relatively well with the usual giving up of the occasional big play, but also made some big plays. The Vikings offense was predictable as usual, but made a couple of plays when it mattered, which was not happening with Tavaris under center.

Also, if the Saints want to cry about all the penalties, let\’s get all ceteris paribus on them and take off the 7 penalties the Vikings made (those false starts were complete drive killers, and who in the hell gets 2 offensive pass interference calls in one game… I hadn\’t seen that since Moss was on the team).

What lost this game for the Saints was Antoine Winfield taking care of business. The touchdown, as well as the sack/strip of Brees. Two huge plays that counterbalanced the two huge plays by Reggie Bush.

Now, let\’s talk about that. Coach Childress immediately threw Vikings punter Chris Kluwe under the bus after the game for kicking the ball to Bush after being told to kick it out of bounds. Some people thought Childress shouldn\’t have said this, but this is one of the few times I will support him. Childress is under the gun, he knows it, and we know it. He\’s not in a position to have the luxury of taking one for any of his players (especially a punter). He needs wins, and he needs to keep the media and fans off his back. If what he is saying is the truth, then Kluwe needs a whoopin\’. No doubt.

Makes you wonder though… if Kluwe had kicked those balls out of bounds, are we talking about a possible Vikings\’ 27-17 victory; or are we still talking about a Saints\’ 27-30 loss?

Putting this game aside, the Vikings have the Lions at home next week. I will officially write off the season if they can\’t pull out a victory at home over the Lions. I best not hold my breath.

Skol Vikings!

Addendum: so one extra thing I wanted to touch on. One call that I thought Ed Hoculi got right was the no fumble call on Adrian Peterson. Peterson was hit and the arm that was holding the ball left the side of his body, but his hand was still holding onto the ball (the ball wasn\’t moving out of his hand), the knee hits the ground, the ball moves out of the hand. I\’m sure every Saints\’ fan still thinks this is a bad call; but how wasn\’t the right call??? Nice work (for once) Hercules!







3 responses to “Week 5: Vikings @ Saints”

  1. Nursedude Avatar

    This was a wild game with BIG plays on both sides, and big mistakes on both sides. It was a very compelling game. Not too often you can give up two highlight-reel punt returns for touchdowns to Reggie Bush, and STILL win the game. Gus Ferrotte showed a lot of heart taking some big hits and getting off the deck to make some good throws. I wonder if Martin Gramitica is still employed by the Saints.

  2. wadE Avatar

    Maybe the Saints should see if Bill Gramatica is still available…

  3. alex Avatar

    /me tears ACL celebrating wadE’s comment.

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