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Hey check this out. It seems that lava flows indicate that the Earth\’s magnetic fields occasionally reverse, which would have compasses worldwide pointing South. This is a geological \’occasional\’, though, which means the last time it happened was about 800,000 years ago (unless you\’re Sarah Palin, in which case the last time it happened was when dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth together). Of course you know what I immediately thought of when I read this news. Ok, so actually I wouldn\’t blame you at all if you had no idea what I thought of. Still, it gives me an excuse to link to an all-star Gambit from the past. The original site is lost to the mists of internets past (but you can still

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see it here, thanks to the magic of I can only hope that the site creator takes some time out from playing D&D in his parents\’ basement to reflect on the fact that he was kinda right. Ya know, if you leave out the mystery invisible planet and the worldwide destruction.



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