Back In The Saddle: News Version

Yes, I\’ve been MIA on SP as of late. No good excuses, just sheer laziness and focusing my time on different things. But there\’s nothing like a run through the daily news to get one back untracked… (I did that just to annoy Alex)…

But enough rankling of fellow SP-ers, what\’s happenin\’ out there in the news-o-sphere?

As someone who was just in Miami, this article was especially interesting: In Miami, Spanish is becoming the primary language. Non-Spanish speakers (and it should be noted that there are Hispanics who are non-speakers) are fed up with having to be able to speak Spanish to get a job, do business, and basically just live in the Miami area. This article really touches on an idea I\’ve been meaning to dive into for awhile now. The difference between those who emmigrated to the United States as little as 30 years ago versus now. For most of the 20th century when people came to the US they tried their hardest to fit in. Some changed their names, some had their names changed for them, but nearly all of them learned to speak English. I\’m a relatively liberal person (although I see myself becoming more conservative every day), but if I moved to France, should I expect everyone to speak my language? I think it\’s a fair expectation that if you move to another country, you should learn to speak their predominant language. More to come on that topic, and the trip to Miami, soon.

Next up is this fun article: Dunkin\’ Donuts pulls Rachael Ray ad after Muslim scarf complaints. Apparently some right-wing wack job blogger named Michelle Malkin complained that the scarf in this add looked too much like a kaffiyeh which apparently symbolizes Islamic extremism. Wow, somebody has too much time on their hands. Is there anything more american than Dunkin Donuts? Do you really think Duncan Donuts is looking to advance the agenda of terrorists? I\’m disappointed that Dunkin Donuts took down the ads. The more times groups and corporations kowtow to fascists like Malkin, the more power they get.

And if you haven\’t heard, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan wrote a tell all book. Predictably the Bush cabal has been working non-stop to discredit their former comrade. But really, is any of this new? Even most Republicans are finally admitting that Bush has been an absolute failure. He has difted so far from the core Republican beliefs of small government and belief in the individual… well, only the continued infighting of the Democratic Party will keep them from taking control of government in 2009. I never thought I would get tired of Bush bashing… but I think I have.







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