four-dollar-a-gallon woes…

Came across this interesting article in the Washington Post recently. I guess I can understand that there needs to be regulation of gas pumps so that there can be no trickeration. . . but it still seems like overkill to crack down on a mom-and-pop gas station in the middle of nowhere. It\’s probably one of the few places where it isn\’t just a cliche that people meet at the local gas station to chat amicably. Everywhere else the only thing the person behind the counter at the gas station wants to talk about is which pump you filled up at.

And seriously, why is it seemingly so difficult for any company to manufacture an upgrade for these pumps? Seems odd to me. I bet it\’s some ridiculous complication due to the nine-tenths pricing. I\’ve never really understood that, and my half-arsed internet research hasn\’t turned up any kind of sensible explanation. Anyone know anything about why we\’re not paying $4 per gallon, we\’re really paying 3 dollars and 99.9 cents per gallon?







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