So, I was reading this the other day: Petraeus picked to lead Central Command, which basically says that the current head of central command, Adm. William Fallon, was resigning due to widespread (but supposedly false) reports that he was at odds with the Bush administration over Iran that had made his job impossible.

So this morning as I\’m \”getting ready for work\”, I\’m reading Esquire (yes I have a subscription to Esquire… it was a gift… screw you!)… and I read this: Meet Fox Fallon

Sure… sure they were *false* rumors… riiiight… if you are too lazy to read all of this, the short version is \”expect a war with Iran before January 2009\”.



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  1. anderswa Avatar

    excellent read. and don’t feel bad about esquire; it has great writing and analysis. oh, and scantily-clad chicks. that doesn’t hurt.

    and… ugh. isn’t it bad form to start a war a month before someone takes over your job? not that i expect shrub to have any sort of common decency…

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