that\’ll do it

click here to read about former heavyweight champion mike tyson\’s sentence for felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor DUI.

no, wait– let me save you some time. iron mike\’s sentence? 24 hours. tyson\’s jail term is a lifetime in relative terms, when you compare him to lindsay lohan (84 minutes) and nicole richie (82 minutes).

while i\’m not a proponent of locking people up for exorbitant periods of time and assuming that will make them productive members of society… do you really think that the next time tyson is drunk and thinks about doing some coke, he\’ll consider the repercussions of another 24 hours in the hoosegow? doubtful.

oh, and in case you\’re scoring at home, arizona guidelines dictate up to six months for the DUI and three years for the cocaine possession. i guess mike tyson\’s strong background and character dictated the light sentencing, huh?







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