Two things. One serious; one not.

First off, this article on how to best gauge what is, and what isn\’t, a security threat. I\’m pretty much in lockstep with what the author is saying here, but I think my own personal feelings are best summed up in the first comment.

Second, I just had the kind of sobering thought that can only occur if you work with kids and you yourself attain a certain age. To wit, I put together an iTunes playlist of a bunch of bad 80s rock. You know, Poison, Warrant, Bad English, Whitesnake, White Lion, Van Halen, etc. I had the good sense to be somewhat embarassed to be listening to it at a fairly loud volume, and then it occured to me:

This year\’s senior class are the only kids here who were even born when these songs were in any way relevant, i.e. before 1990.




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  1. anderswa Avatar

    wait– are you saying that whitesnake was relevant at *any* point?? 🙂

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