what it\’s like . . . when it\’s unknown if a trip to school will be your last.

I wonder if my family is OK . . .

This is a big challenge for us. We are courageous people. We are brave.

Virginia Tech?

Not quite.

I\’m not here to make the claim that people in the US value the lives of our own more than the lives of others. (One could make that argument, though, and one would have a pretty healthy leg to stand on.) What happened yesterday was a tragedy, plain and simple. What happens to civilians every day in Iraq (and Darfur, Somalia, etc.) is also a tragedy. And my complaint is, it\’s not covered.

Near as I can tell there have been three newsworthy stories in the past month:

  • Anna Nicole Smith died.
  • Don Imus is a racist, sexist gasbag.
  • (As CNN so stylishly presented it with cutesy graphics:) The Massacre at Virginia Tech.

We certainly didn\’t need more than 10-15 minutes on the first two items, and I\’m not sure we needed constant live coverage of the third. Is it really too much to ask for a purported news channel to show news when it\’s not showing programs that feature peoples\’ opinions about news? Is it any wonder I\’m jaded?







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  1. wadE Avatar

    That’s a great point Wade, er… Alex… … it is all about peoples’ opinions on news. See, there’s a good reason to have cable, so you can get BBC news! 😀

  2. alex Avatar

    Who did you just call Wade? 🙂

  3. alex Avatar

    I’m tempted to post new with this instead of burying it in the comments, but by the same token, we’ve already had a lot of “coverage” on this topic. Still… how creepy is this?

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