Kersten: I don\’t like you, but you make a good point

I\’ve ranted before on how much I can\’t stand Star Tribune columnist/blogger Katherine Kersten, but sometimes she makes a good point.

This time she\’s taking on \”the flying imams\”, which I think would be a great band name.

Anyway, while the way she presents her arguments (confrontational, vitriolic) make me cringe, I again find myself agreeing with her.

The activity (as described in the media at least) does come across as suspicious. But I can\’t help but think what people would have thought if it were a group of white christians who prayed loudly before a flight and then sat in a \”9/11 configuration\”. By the way, what does that mean? Does that mean they didn\’t sit together? Or they all sat near the front of the plane? I don\’t understand.

However, what I do agree with is that the people who reported the activity should not be subject to a law suit. There should be something akin to a good samaritan law that protects people from unfounded recriminations. But, people shouldn\’t be given full immunity either. Anyone who lies about what they\’ve seen should be held accountable under the same reasoning that filing a false poilce report is a crime.

At any rate, couldn\’t all of these issues be discussed rationally and calmly instead of a right-wing nut job columnist trying to use hackneyed has-been wrestler analogies?







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