Raging Bull****

(Ed. Note: Wade and wadE were both working on this same story, Wade just published first. Oddly enough their two takes are quite similar. Great Wades think alike)

When the story first broke on Muslim cab drivers at MSP (Minneapolis – St. Paul airport) were refusing to allow passengers carrying alcohol (in their luggage mind you, not in their hand) it hit the national airwaves.

While the national spotlight has faded, the issus still contines to rumble locally.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission, which is known locally as the group that doles out funds for folks in South Minneapolis to sound proof their homes from airplane noise, has proposed penalities on cab drivers who refuse service.

While many of the Muslim cab drivers claim this is discrimination, in my mind that\’s a bit like the kettle calling the pot black. (what an odd saying) In my mind I see it being the reverse. Some cab drivers are discriminating against people carrying alcohol. Carrying alcohol isn\’t a protected class like religion, age, and sex are, but it is discrimination nonetheless. Carrying a legal substance cannot be grounds for refusing service.

Beyond that, I see this akin to pharmacists who have refused to fill prescriptions for birth control or the morning-after pill. Isn\’t imposing your views onto others just another form of discrimination? If you you are uncomfortable with performing some of the duties of your job, it\’s time to find a new job.

Lastly, many African Muslim leaders in the Twin Cities have said that this view of Islamic law is incorrect. There is a small sect of Arab Muslim leaders who have pushed this view, and many in the African Muslim community feel that it is too radical and an attempt to polarize Muslims.

I agree with the Airport Commission in imposing fines for drivers who refuse anyone with no legal grounds, but in the meantime I plan to operate under the \”don\’t ask, don\’t tell\” policy.







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  1. alex Avatar

    “Don’t ask, don’t tell”? Are you coming out? I mean, not that I’m asking or anything…

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