(It\’s the All Acronym Edition (AAE) today!)

Kids. What\’s wrong with kids these days? There\’s a perception– real or not– that the youth in America are badly behaved, to a degree that has never been witnessed before. It\’s hard to argue; the newspaper regularly features stories of teen irresponsibility and violence. Is it the same as it\’s always been, and the media is just making a bigger deal of it? Or has something changed? If something has changed, what needs to happen to \”fix things?\” Wade and Alex discuss.

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3 responses to “PCP: DDD”

  1. wadE Avatar

    Wade… I think you have to almost disassociate yourself with your surroundings when you disclipline. You know everyone is going to judge and second guess, but f*** ’em. It’s your child, and yeah, you’d rather not have her break down and make a scene… but it’s the grocery store… who cares! 😀

  2. Brian Scott Avatar

    I would be interested to know how far you would take this argument, Wade – a friend’s house? a restaurant – like Applebee’s? an upscale restaurant? an airplane?

  3. wadE Avatar

    are you asking Wade or wadE? As for me, I think different locations and level of tantrum probably dictate response… You could choose to leave, not always practical (like if you NEED groceries or in an airplane (ayyyyiiiiiiiii).

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