Limericks About Booze

Winona ponders naming poet laureate.

Seriously. Seriously?! Poetry about Winona would be highly entertaining, in some ways. Can Austin be next? I want to hear some rhyming couplets about the kill floor.

In other local news, Blue Earth is searching for a local prankster who\’s been setting off the civil defense sirens.

Personally, I\’ve got my own suspect in mind for that one.

And is it just my dirty mind, or would anyone else pause before typing the words \”Jolly Green Giant\” into a Google image search? Just asking.







2 responses to “Limericks About Booze”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    there once was a barmaid from lefty’s…

    yeah, that’s all i got.

  2. alex Avatar

    If only I could rhyme “Danny’s” with “parasite”.

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