You must not touch the monkey!

Have any of you seen this article in the New York Times? Oy.

I\’m so glad we\’ve thwarted those evil terrorists who would have bombed us all back to the stone age using snow globes.

There are some good chuckles to be had; at least we haven\’t lost the ability to laugh at our own idiocy. Did you notice the part about the helper monkeys? If you didn\’t, or if you\’re too lazy to sign up for the Times, I made a screen grab. Here.

I do have to admit… I personally never would have expected the Helper Monkey Diaper Bomber. I\’m glad someone\’s looking out for us.



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  1. monkey Avatar


    Has anyone here seen a helper monkey at an airport? I’ve seen very very few dogs (non-police) compared to how many I see outside of airports. Wait. Has anyone here seen a helper monkey anywhere?

    This, I think, is the key: “When T.S.A. takes away some frozen tomato sauce from grandmom because it might become a liquid, they think of it as a success. But that’s a failure. It’s a false alarm.” Inconveniencing the innocent does not equal preventing the terrorist.

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