Does Chief Wahoo Need To Go: Redux

I\’ve tackled this topic before.  But an article by my favorite Strib columnist Katherine Kersten discusses the University of North Dakota\’s mascot, The Fighting Sioux.

See, I told you that Kersten is slippery.  Every time you think she\’s a right wing wack job, she pushes out an article like this that I agree with 99.44%.

I won\’t rehash the whole story, because Kersten does a good job of doing it, but the short version is that the NCAA is on the warpath (ha!, sorry) against schools that use offensive mascots (mostly Native American).  UND has resisted the pressure from the NCAA to the point that a district judge has allowed UND to compete in the post season even though that is against the NCAA policy (which as of now prohibits post season participation by schools on its shit-list).

It\’s very interesting to get background information on why the Fighting Sioux are called the Fighting Sioux.  It would seem that if a representative body of the Sioux nation is comfortable with it, there shouldn\’t be any problem, but the PC times we live in don\’t make much sense on many fronts.

And speaking of the Sioux, I was also under the impression that they didn\’t like that name for themselves, and preferred being called \”Dakota\”, because \”Sioux\” was Algonquin for \”Snake\”.  Turns out that isn\’t the case either.

So it looks like the Sioux will live on to fight another day, and I hope they will be victorious.  However, this still hasn\’t solved what to do with Chief Wahoo.







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  1. alex Avatar

    I didn’t realize that they had stuck to this particular mandate. Or, at least I hadn’t heard the small explosion that I would have expected to come from Tallahassee on the subject. And until the Redskins change their name, no one can say their nickname is any worse.

  2. anderswa Avatar


  3. anderswa Avatar

    (that there is an inside joke. although it might look entertaining to random passers-by.)

  4. wadE Avatar

    To help out the random passers-by, the reference comes from my attending a Vikings v. Redskins game at the Metrodome in the late 90’s and walking past a group of Native Americans protesting the Redskin name. Part of the group was a small, very old, woman…grandmotherly in many ways, except for the large sign she held in front of her that said: “Welcome Washington Cocksuckers”

  5. sparklegirl Avatar

    Yeah, actually, that helped a lot.

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