Letters to God… for sale!

I was reading this article about a man in New Jersey who found a bag full of letters meant for God that had been kept by a New Jersey minister who had passed away.

The last bit of that article infuriated me.  The man who found these letters; which contain very private, personal, revealing information (and he knows because he\’s read them all!); is going to put them up on eBay to sell.

Yes, that\’s the world we live in today people.  Anything to make a buck.  For sale: the deepest darkest secrets people entrusted with their priest to bless, and for only themselves and God to know the contents.  Right next to the Xbox 360, TMX Elmo, and Robosapien on eBay!

My only hope is that he comes to his senses and rightfully destroys those letters.  Or the Karma Police get him real good.



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2 responses to “Letters to God… for sale!”

  1. alex Avatar

    Man comes to senses, does right thing:
    So at least we get some rational behavior on election day.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    “There were a lot of religious fanatics that were very insulted,” he told Reuters.

    yes, *only* religious fanatics could have been insulted by his wanting to sell these letters on eBay.

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