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If you haven\’t been around SP for long, you\’ll learn quick that I\’m obsessed with the news.  Mostly internet news though.  I haven\’t watched network news in over a decade.  Some people are obsessed with the weather channel, some are obsessed with YouTube; but me, I\’ll take the news.

So let\’s jump in with this first one: Stranger breezed in, blew the whistle.  I love this story.  If I worked in Hollywood I\’d start working on a pilot with the premise of this guy named \’Doc\’.  Wouldn\’t this make a great show?  And when the plot line starts to get stale, \’Doc\’ pulls up his stakes, the cops swarm in, and he\’s off to a new city.  If you put this on HBO or Showtime and filled it full of sex and violence I bet it wins 3 emmy\’s in its first year.

Hwy. 100 commute: It\’s 100% better: Damn straight it is!  I had to go from my Dentist in Golden Valley to the airport at 4:50 last Thursday and I thought I might miss my flight.  I got to the airport in a little over 30 minutes, which is only about 10 minutes more than getting there with no traffic.  This is a great example on how some minor construction (unlike 494 they didn\’t need to work on this for 3 years) can add an extra lane and turn a notorious bottleneck into a usable road.  When will civil planners learn that it\’s better to have 2 lanes all the way than to have 3 lanes go down to 2, and back to 3?  Of course this is only a \”temporary fix\” and the trade off is that the lanes on only 11 feet wide instead of the standard 12 feet.  Have you ever been to Europe or Asia?  They have two lane roads that are 12 feet wide total!  I think we could surivive with 11 foot lanes for a lot longer than 8 years, and save the 100 million dollars the DOT is looking to spend starting in 2014 to \”fix\” these lanes.  How about using that money and time to tackle 169?

Anti-Halloween: What?  Who can seriously be anti-Halloween?  Only someone who didn\’t grow up with it.  If you grew up going trick-or-treating, you more than likely have soft spot in you heart (and pancreas) for Halloween.  Even I think kids dressed up in costumes is pretty darn cute… but not as cute as puppies!

We don\’t torture!  I like Tony Snow\’s reasoning behind why Dick Cheney wasn\’t talking about \”water boarding\”: \”You know as a matter of common sense that the vice president of the United States is not going to be talking about water boarding. Never would, never does, never will,\’\’ Snow said. \”You think Dick Cheney\’s going to slip up on something like this? No, come on.\’\’
So your defense is that he wouldn\’t \”slip up\” on this?  Yeah, he wouldn\’t actually admit that he supports torture…that\’s just silly, therefore that means we don\’t support it.  I hope 50% of you are happy with your choice you made 2 years ago (or 6 years ago).

That\’s all for now on a happy happy Friday.  Take care sports racers!







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