not guilty?

this will be brief, but warranted mentioning.  please read this.  (then come back.)

just so i get this straight:  ko ro gets clocked going over 100 mph, promptly blows a 0.11…  and pleads not guilty.  not guilty?!?!  he\’s either got huge stones, is an idiot, or i\’m ignorant about the nuances of the legal systems.  (actually, all three of those are equally likely.) 

two other observations:

a)  i don\’t understand why, in some cases, the NFL jumps right in and suspends a player for the season less than a week after getting nabbed with a DUI (see Thurman, Odell) while robinson is allowed to play for over two months after his offense.

2)  the fact that ko ro signed with the packers is proof that god (or at least roger goodell) has a sense of humor.







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