Katherine Kersten: Conservative Columnist or Right-Wing Wack-Job?

One of my least favorite Star Tribune columnists, Katherine Kersten, now has a new blog titled \”Think Again\”.

At first glance you certainly wouldn\’t label Kersten a \”right-wing wack-job\”.  But if you read enough you\’ll start to see the double standard she brings to her column.

A good example of this is found in the first couple posts of her blog that address the issue at the airport with some Muslim cab drivers refusing to take passengers who are travelling with alcohol in their baggage.  A more moderate column on this issue can be found here.

Personally I\’m just surprised the Kersten would open herself up to the types of comments she\’ll receive (and already has) on her blog.  A good sampling can be found here:  http://www.startribune.com/blogs/kersten/?p=11#comments

Another blog comment which I love is:

You cannot have it both ways.

You write: “But the issue at the MAC seems to raise nagging “Chapter Two”-related questions. It suggests that — if we don’t handle such matters right — down the road could lie a legally sanctioned religious separatism that is incompatible with America’s unifying civic vision.”

but your stand against gay ‘marriage’ — against allowing gays to inherit as a married couple do; against allowing gay people to attend to each other in illness – – sanctions just such a religious separatism.

Religious separatism based on Muslim Values is NOT okay.

Religious separatism based on YOUR Christian Values IS okay.


Could you explain?

I find myself looking forward to reading (and contributing to) the re-education of Ms. Kersten.  Hopefully she\’ll learn a little something.  On the other hand, I doubt she\’s even going to bother reading the comments.




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3 responses to “Katherine Kersten: Conservative Columnist or Right-Wing Wack-Job?”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    that’s a good comment.

    i’ve always been underwhelmed by kersten, and her blog entries aren’t changing my mind, especially this one:


    things *weren’t* so much better in the past; we just have fuzzy memories. oh, and a news media that feels the need to report on absolutely everything, particularly when it’s salacious.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    despite how it pains me (for several reasons), i do agree with her take on mike hatch:
    talk about bucking for a promotion. everything he’s done in the past 15 years has been with an eye on the governor’s seat. not that every politician doesn’t work that way, but usually they’re more subtle about it. go… t-paw? /shiver

  3. wadE Avatar

    I understand why you are pained… that’s why I said at first glance you might not think she’s a wack-job. I too agreed with the Hatch thing. Personally, I’m voting for the independent candidate for governor.
    And is it just me, but how can anyone vote for Mark Kennedy after the horrible (and failed) smear campaign he’s launched against Klobuchar (who I can’t stand either). Can’t she just sue him for slander? Some of his commercials have been outright lies.

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