i\’m wearing a HUGE f*cking happy hat

oh, good.  it\’s been so long since news about jonbenet ramsey has dominated the airwaves, i\’m really really happy that it\’s happening again.  and it\’s so much more fun to read now that i have a daughter.

for details on the bastard who finally confessed, go here (and, of course, come back.)

so, this guy:

a)   had sent numerous e-mails  making statements about the murder to a professor at the university of colorado

b)  made \”several efforts to communicate with Patricia before she passed away,\” referring to JonBenet\’s mother, \”and it is my understanding that she did read my letters\”

c)  told his father in 2001 that the reason he was in jail was due to the ramsey case.  he also told his father that he researched \”everything he could\” about jonbenet and polly klass

d)  when in college was encouraged by a professor to write a book on the ramsey case because of an impressive paper he wrote on the topic

oh, and the kicker?


how did all of these people know about his interest (obsession) with the case and not think to alert authorities?  (okay, the UC professor did, so he\’s off the hook.)  combine that with the idea that– frankly– you\’d expect to see a picture like that when looking up \”child molester\” on wikipedia.  yes, yes, i\’m being inflammatory and stereotypical now, but here\’s why i\’m mad:

as a parent, i cannot imagine going through an ordeal like having a child abducted.  for john and patsy, this must have been made so much worse by having been accused of the crime itself– and, until yesterday, probably thought of as guilty by most of bovine america.  patsy died last year, never having the chance to know what really happened; for her sake, i just wish the dots had been connected so that she could have had some sense of closure before passing away.  but i guess late is better than never.

and for mr. karr…  i hope your spot in hell is even lower than wadE\’s virus authors.







4 responses to “i\’m wearing a HUGE f*cking happy hat”

  1. wadE Avatar

    I’m withholding judgement based on the report that this guy’s ex-wife says he was with her in Alabama at the time of the murders.

    Until they have DNA evidence, I’m convinced the brother did it.

    On a completely unrelated note: the banner in my yahoo mail right now is for: http://www.blackdoctor.org

  2. alex Avatar

    Bovine America. I’m stealing that. Just so you know. 🙂

  3. monkey Avatar

    Just imagine how much more rational and let’s-fit-this-news-into-its-place-in-world-events the coverage is in Boulder Frickin Colorado… Yipes it’s bad.

  4. wadE Avatar

    I read somewhere that when they hauled this guy back from Thailand, he was escorted by homeland security personnel. What? Did he visit an Al Qaeda training camp when he was there? Don’t they have more things to worry about than a suspect from a 10 year old murder of a little girl?

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