Mad Max doesn\’t much care for \”the Jews\”

If you have seen a TV or newspaper in the last few days you are more than likely aware that Mel Gibson was pulled over for drunk driving in Malibu this past weekend.   \"Drunken

Allegedly he threatened the officer that pulled him over, that he would ruin their career, and he would use all of the resources at his disposal to make him pay for arresting him.  I don\’t know about you, but that would have made me think twice as an officer.  This is a guy who has a lot of power in southern California… and made a very angry movie about a celebrity getting back at the paparazzi.  Just because he\’s Sergeant Riggs, doesn\’t mean he wouldn\’t dare strike back at an officer of the law.

Beyond that he made several anti-semetic remarks; which are no longer \”alledged\” because he has come clean.  Predictably he is profusely apologizing (as he should), but doesn\’t this all ring a big hollow?  As the old saying goes, in vino veritas.

So, does this incident lower your opinion of Mel, or did you not have a high opinion of him in the first place?

Oh, and lastly, nobody is a better looking arrested drunk than Mel… nobody.







4 responses to “Mad Max doesn\’t much care for \”the Jews\””

  1. wadE Avatar

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  2. anderswa Avatar

    so does anyone know what he said that was anti-semitic? i have trouble coming up with how that would come up in a dwi arrest. “the jews made me drink”? “these handcuffs are too tight, christ was murdered by the jews”?

    and there is *one* person who looks better as an arrested drunk:

  3. Brian Avatar

    If I remember right he said something like “Are you a Jew?Jews cause all the wars in the world.” He also called a female officer ‘sugar tits’, which, if he called me that, would probably make me swoon. He’s so dreamy.

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