Inaugural Propcast

Are you a faithful SP reader? Now you can be a faithful SP listener! Like many other blogs we\’ve decided to jump on the podcast bandwagon with the \”propcast\”. Now you can enjoy the unique humor of Wade, Alex, and wadE in audio format. This is our first of many, so bear with us as we work out the bugs and hopefully improve. Enjoy!



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One response to “Inaugural Propcast”

  1. Mark - brother of wadE Avatar
    Mark – brother of wadE

    It was like being at Casa Van Betta – w/out the libations and a 1/3 less swearing & arguing/debate.
    Only PG-13 in my opinion.
    The hockey analysis sounded rather Canadian, you closet Canucks!
    Wade: Hulu isn’t available in Canada – you have to use a VPN – and then it’s a hassle. $100 per month for cable? I thought our Toronto cable was a rip off at $34. This does not entice me to move back to MN, though in all fairness, it’s not a deal maker.