New Foods At The 2012 Minnesota State Fair

The last few years I\’ve posted reviews and/or a handy guide on the food of the state fair. I do this as a public service so you don\’t have to try camel on a stick.

You can find the webpage here ( with this year\’s new foods.

I\’ll update post fair with what I tried. But some inital thoughts:

Veggie Pie – Alere\’s Featured Salads: Three different salads… it\’s the state fair people, this is no place for salads. If you are a vegan, you\’re in the wrong place, and if you are trying to be healthy, you\’re in the wrong place.

Rainbow Ice Cream – Bacon Ice Cream: It seems like every year there has to be a new bacon item. This sounds intriguing. Especially for those who love their sweets with a little bit of salt.

Sonora Grill – Beef Tongue Tacos: I generally make it a rule to not eat anything from an animal above the neck, or the naughty bits. I think I\’ll pass on this.

Safari Express – Camel Sliders: I\’m still recovering from Camel on a Stick from these people. I strongly urge you to skip this.

Tejas – Chicken Nachos on a Stick: Nachos with a piece of chicken on a skewer. This might be the lamest \”on a stick\” gimmick I\’ve seen at the fair, and that\’s saying something. (see also: last years \”salad on a stick\”)

Granny\’s Kitchen Fudge Puppies – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Puppies: Ok, that I might need to try.

Duke\’s Poutine – Poutine: This seems to be the new item at a lot of fairs lately. The \”delicacy\” from our neighbors to the north is suddenly popular. Fries and Cheese Curds covered in gravy. Even Paula Dean thinks this is too much.

Ole\’s Cannoli – Cannoli: I know Chelle has been looking for a decent cannoli since moving from the east coast, my fingers are crossed.

Spaghetti Eddie\’s – Super Stick: sticks of pepperoni and cheese, battered and deep fried. Yeah, I\’m all over that.

See you at the fair!







2 responses to “New Foods At The 2012 Minnesota State Fair”

  1. drew Avatar

    you’re missing out if you skip the tongue tacos.

  2. mark Avatar

    Poutine is the curse of Canuck cuisine & should be banned -Montreal Smoked meats would have been a good substitute. Fudge puppies sound promising. Here’s hoping the cannoli’s are decent.