Into Each Life Some Wayne Must Fall

*URG*. It happened again.

A co-worker just called me \”Wayne.\” It\’s understandable in that it\’s his first week on the jov.

But still.

Being called Wayne may be my biggest pet peeve. I\’m not exactly sure on the reason. It\’s probably because I knew two Waynes growing up, and neither is a person to whom I want to be preferred. Anyone who mistakenly calls me Wayne these days is by no way confusing or comparing me with these two, but it still irks me.

As a public service to you, gentle reader, here is the unabridged list of names that I do not like to be called. Please adjust your behavior accordingly.

  • Wayne
  • Ward
  • Big Guy
  • Chad
  • Chaz
  • Wader Tater
  • Metta Wade Peace
  • Wade Van House







2 responses to “Into Each Life Some Wayne Must Fall”

  1. Job Avatar

    Yeah, well I hate being preferred to as jov.

  2. wadE Avatar

    Har har har… ass….

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