I picked up my car phone to perpetrate like I was talking

To be a luddite, or not to be a luddite? That\’s my question. While not opposed to technology– that would be just silly– I certainly value boundaries, both in costs and in distractions. So, low-tech or high-tech? Which is nobler? I\’m blathering, naturally, about the stuff in my pockets. Right now, I have: 1) a Blackberry Bold smartphone, sponsored by my work and used to get my work e-mails, as well as some rudimentary web surfing and texting 2) a Blackberry Curve smartphone, sponsored by me and used to get… well, I don\’t really use it 3) a 3-gig iPod, 2007 vintage, with a cracked display and a propensity to shudder and buck and shut down if it\’s cold out This is *too much stuff* to carry around, especially when I can (theoretically) consolidate at least two of these into a single device. The work Blackberry seems to be the constant, in that I need to be able to access work e-mail and that\’s the only mobile device that supports that (right now). However, should I: – ditch the personal phone entirely in that there\’s really nothing that I do on it that couldn\’t be accomplished via the work phone? Considerations: ethics (meh), more draconian restrictions coming on what I\’m able to do and

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see on said work phone? – get a low-tech non-smart cell phone that allows me to keep personal calls and texts on my own dime but ditch the burdensome data plan? – kill two birds with one stone, pitch the Curve and the antiquated iPod for a new 4G iPhone? Please note that cost is a factor in this decision– I don\’t necessarily have the funds to dish out for an iPhone right now. That being said, the iPod is clearly on its last legs, and not replacing that when it ultimately croaks is not an option. So, arguably, I\’d be spending that money at some point, anyway. It\’s a question of whether I want to use said funds to collapse two of my pocket devices (that sounds dirty) into one, while continuting to float the somewhat unnecessary costs of the personal data plan – OR – being cheaper but lower-tech and carrying on my tradition of lumpy, radioactive pockets. Guidance is appreciated.







3 responses to “I picked up my car phone to perpetrate like I was talking”

  1. wadE Avatar

    Consolidate all of them down to an iPhone. You never know what will happen with work, and I personally would rather not be tethered to them for my phone, I’d rather own it myself. Although be warned… if you work supports iPhones, they sometimes put software on it so they can remotely wipe it clean of “work related” stuff if/when you leave. Just ask about that if you go that route.

  2. alex Avatar

    iPhone. You’ll be able to listen to music and micromanage your fantasy baseball team from it. What more do you need?

  3. wadE Avatar

    Note: you can micro manage your fantasy team on an Android too!

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