Thursday Night Movies: Triggermen

Short version: Donne Wahlberg\’s finest hour.

Thank you, thank you, I\’ll be here all ze week. Make no mistake, this isn\’t a particularly good movie. It\’s a paint-by-numbers, ensemble cast, heist/gangster movie that doesn\’t vary from a formulaic script. There\’s some mistaken identity, and a hit gone wrong, and in the end some characters get redemption, the good guy gets the girl, and everyone more or less lives happily ever after.

However, there\’s something to be said for a movie just being what it is, and this isn\’t a flat-out bad movie. Pete Postlethwaite is an entirely believable crime boss, Claire Forlani (his daughter) is beautiful, Wahlberg is actually halfway decent, and I didn\’t hate Michael Rappaport. The rest of the cast fill their roles well, there are no manufactured \’shocking\’ plot twists, and it clocks in at a nice, trim 95 minutes. I watched Triggermen, and while I was bored at times, I found myself, if not entirely entertained, at least not angry.

That said, there will be no repeat viewings of the movie, and I only recommend it if you want something vanilla. Official review: Meh.







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