The Baseball Rules

An e-mail discussion about the wave (spurred on by this post) with the other SP yahoos reminded me of a list I compiled for sparklegirl several years back before a Twins game. She was wondering about behavior expectations at a baseball game, and, being a dork, I came up with a list. From what I can remember, here is Wade\’s Rules for Proper Baseball Game Attendance Etiquette. (Or, y\’know, WRPBGAE.)

+ No wave. It\’s not as cool as you think it is. If you must, do it without getting out of your seat and disrupting my view of the game. Exception: Kids. (Mostly because they\’re short.)

+ No cell phones.

+ If you happen to catch a foul ball, give it to the littlest person around you.

+ If you happen to catch a home run from the opposing team, do *not* yield to the \”throw it back\” chants. That\’s both silly and reductive (the Cubs started it). If you feel the need to get rid of it, see the above rule.

+ Wait until the half-inning break to leave and come back to your seat. This might actually be the cardinal rule for me. My reaction ranges from the stinkeye to under-the-breath \”RUDE,\” depending upon how much beer I\’d consumed by that point.

+ Have the correct change for the vendors who sell food and beverages in the aisles. Also: Tip generously.

+ Don\’t wear apparel from opposing teams or other sports leagues. Twins apparel is encouraged but not mandatory.

+ Don\’t leave until the game is over. Exception: When you\’re with your kids. (Mostly because it\’s too expensive to keep plying them with popcorn and ice cream for three hours.)

I hope this doesn\’t come off as curmudgeonly. I simply feel that one\’s behavior at a game should be respectful of the people who want to actually watch the game. I\’m all about the between-inning tomfoolery. Your Kiss Cam. Your Twins Triva. (Really Trevor Plouffe? You admit that \”Jersey Shore\” is your favorite reality show?) Your Bon Jovi sing-along. Just keep it down during the actual game-play itself; I\’d like to see Nishioka strike out in peace.







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  1. wadE Avatar

    Completely cumudgeonly, but that’s why we love you. Has your opinion changed on cell phones now that most folks have smartphones? Are you allowed to update Facebook with a pic you took from your awesome seats?
    – foul balls, I catch it, I keep it… f*** the children
    – can you get back to your seat after an out?
    – I have it on good authority that the vendors make a pretty tidy profit on each beer (don’t know about food), so you shouldn’t feel obligated to tip, but a buck, of the 50 cents in change should be fair
    – so if you drove to KC to watch the Twins play, you wouldn’t wear any Twins paraphernalia?

  2. anderswa Avatar

    Allow me to retort.
    – Sorry, no *talking* on cell phones. Otherwise you’re good.
    – Depends– can you make it back to your seat after an out? How many people do you have to disrupt to get to your seat?
    – Dude… giving baseballs to kids and healthy tipping are good karma. If you don’t do such things you might, like, end up injuring yourself while diving for a ball at some point. Ahem.
    – Yeah, I probably wouldn’t wear Twins gear if I saw them play in KC. Someone doing so wouldn’t be egregious, though; just a personal preference.

  3. MarkVH Avatar

    If I move back to MN would I be allowed to wear Twins gear & my Blue Jays cap? Not that I would mind you, but I was just wondering if there are any exceptions. I find your list agreeable for the most part. Shouldn’t the children stay until the end so they can witness the full extent of mass exiting w/a plethora of drunken louts? Kiss cam & Bon Jovi, can’t we get rid of the foolery if not the Tom?

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