Anatomy of a Gambit

Thought you all might appreciate a look inside the inner workings of how we do things here at Gambit Central.

(I don\’t necessarily think that, but it\’ll be obvious why I\’m doing this, shortly.)

Most of the work is done by email carrier pigeon. So for example, Alex sends out the topic, or in this case, this:

I\’ve got a two-day hangover, a day off, and a doctor\’s appointment at
Noon. So I\’m not really in a thinking mood. Any suggestions for
topics for tomorrow?

Wade A helpfully replies:

I\’m not sure how much of a listener you are, Alex, so this may not work,
but: Favorite KFAN hosts / show?

Alex signals his agreeability with the topic, and wadE does as well, with this missive:

I\’m good with that… although I did entertain talking about Sarah Palin and Paul Revere…

Wade A responds:

The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!

Alex replies:

Paul Revere shot those British in the face and then rang the Liberty
Bell about it! Rang it so hard that he cracked it!

…and then we all choose not to follow up on the topic at all for 48 hours. We\’ll probably write about it on Thursday, but who knows, so stay tuned.







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