Sunglasses Found!

My long personal nightmare is over! The best pair of sunglasses I ever owned have been found!

\"\" Shown here in one of their last known photographs, the sunglasses were long assumed to have found a watery grave at the bottom of Lake Minnetonka, or had perhaps been unwittingly discarded at the side of some unknown \’tonkan street. However, having some free time on my hands this week, I decided to perform one last hard targeted search of 3109 Atwater. Retracing my steps from last Labor Day, the sunglasses were found in amongst the bucket of wash cloths and assorted toiletries in the guest bathroom. Naturally.

This momentous occasion was then celebrated with the liberation of a Mexican Coke from the Beer Fridge. As you were.







2 responses to “Sunglasses Found!”

  1. wadE Avatar

    I’m impressed you were able to retrace your steps from last year. Perhaps time gave you some clarity.. 🙂

  2. Mark Avatar

    My money is on Luna stashing them there as her own trophy catch – and a reason for you to visit. Or, perhaps you threw the frisbee a bit too far for her liking and her evil revenge plot was hatched. It’s just a theory mind you.

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