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When exactly did the word \”full-blown\” become part of our official vernacular?

I think the first time I saw \”full-blown\” in print was in reference to someone having \”full-blown AIDS\”. Since that time the word has shown up more and more: full-blown diabetes, full-blown hostilities, full-blown , etc.

Maybe it\’s a perfectly cromulent word, but it seems awkward to me. Not to mention quite redundant. Is having AIDS different from full-blown AIDS? I feel pretty certain that full-blown isn\’t a medical term. From usage I gather that its use is to differentiate between pre-something and the actual something. Someone can be pre-diabetic, but then end up with full-blown diabetes.

Maybe it\’s because I don\’t come from the Dickensian world, in that I focus on the economy of words, but it seems that full-blown is a nothing word that brings nothing to the party. Which means it fits in perfectly with today\’s media/world.







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  1. alex Avatar

    The listing in my computer’s dictionary widget:
    fully developed : the onset of full-blown AIDS in persons infected with HIV.

  2. wadE Avatar

    That’s exactly along the lines of what I was thinking. It’s a differentiator for ignorant people. HIV is different than AIDS, but to explain that to people we started casually using “full-blown” and now it’s a socially (and media) accepted word.

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