Bathroom Words

Unlike others I know (*cough* wadE *cough* Jason), I\’ve never had trouble with the affliction known informally as \”pee-shyness\”. The thought of whether I\’m next to someone else or not doesn\’t even cross my mind. Wait, does that make me pee-cocky? That\’s fun in a couple of ways, isn\’t it? Hee hee.

Where was I? Oh, right. Despite my lack of modesty in the men\’s room, I don\’t go out of my way to shoulder up to fellow relievers. Bathroom, uh, tasks are private ones; I want to give people as much space as possible, and expect the same in return. Hence, I bring up the topic of stall etiquette. (Oddly, Alex and I both ran into this separately one day last week, and were similarly perplexed.

Imagine, if you will, the following bathroom layout, where X = urinal, O = little boy urinal, and | = divider. This is the loo layout at work:

X | X | O

When nobody else is around, I take the far left position. If that\’s occupied, I take the far right. If those are both occupied, I take the middle, but that\’s the only time. (If all three are occupied, I go in the sink.) (Just kidding.) (Sorta.) We\’ve recently taken on a fair number of non-Minnesota native workers here, though and I\’ve noticed is that most of them will come in and pick the middle slot, even if all three are open.

I would never, ever do such a thing. Would you? Do these people not consider that weird? Are they more pee-cocky than me? Is this a Minnesota thing? I\’m not sure. I wish they\’d hurry up and start paying heed to local convention; at some point, someone\’s going to catch me going in the sink.







2 responses to “Bathroom Words”

  1. wadE Avatar

    troughs are for animals, not for men to pee in… plus who wants to be touched (intentionally or not) while peeing? I’m taking care of business here… leave me alone…

  2. alex Avatar

    On a related subject, here are a few words for those of you who chose not to dry your hands, thus sliming the door handle for the rest of us: F*CK THE HECK?! The hot air dryer is not going to kill you, man!

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