Why Diets Fail

I go to the downtown Target once or twice a week to stock the work fridge with healthy (or relatively speaking \’healthier\’) snacks. I\’ve worked my ass off (almost literally) over the last two years, and I enjoy being fitter, happier, more productive. So yeah, nothing too crazy. Stock up on some yogurt, milk, granola bars. Try to pack my own lunch most days, and if not, find a nice-looking sandwich to bring home.

Which is exactly why I\’m baffled by my instincts each and every time I pass the rack of 99 cent bags of Doritos. I\’m a rational adult. I can pretty quickly make the call that a bag of Doritos is the epitome of \’empty calories\’. If you were to put a Dorito section into the food pyramid, it would be in the group that represents the slave labor that built the food pyramid. Still, I want to buy and eat them, and it\’s a fairly intense wanting.

So I resist, and resist some more. But I can empathize with people who just can\’t seem to stop eating [problem food x]. Stay strong, friends, you can do it.







4 responses to “Why Diets Fail”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    > find a nice-looking sandwich to bring home

    is that a euphemism?

  2. Mandy Avatar

    Uh…probably because we were raised on the following diet:

    Breakfast: Coooooookie Crisp. A breakfast cereal consisting solely of…cookies.

    Lunch: Thuringer sandwiches and probably the aforementioned Doritos.

    Dinner: Whatever dad could cram into the Fry Daddy.

    Basically, it’s an accomplish that neither you nor I are morbidly obese.

  3. alex Avatar

    Don’t let wadE see you talking bad about Thuringer like that…

  4. Mandy Avatar

    I don’t think I’ve had it in over five years, but I would probably eat like seven thuringer sandwiches right now if I had some…with a nice glass of wine?

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