How to Get Me to Part with My Cash

Make something that, even to me, looks a heck of a lot like magic:

I won\’t say that I\’m exactly eager to plop down the amount of money that Photoshop CS5 will cost . . . but wow.

(Found via John Nack\’s blog.)







6 responses to “How to Get Me to Part with My Cash”

  1. monkey Avatar

    Image inpainting, probably using learned libraries. It’s been really fun to watch this go from short, pie-in-the-sky, talks at technical conferences to pretty darn automatic software products. Yay math.

    Guillermo Sapiro at the UofMN has done a lot of this sort of thing.

  2. wadE Avatar

    I *think* I can get $100 off b/c I own a previous version of Photoshop. That’s better than nothing… right?

  3. alex Avatar

    I can get education pricing – and that’s *still* a bit more than I’d like to pay.

  4. monkey Avatar

    Uh, spam.

  5. wadE Avatar

    Yeah, I don’t know how that spam comment got in there. We’ve had a few show up lately after having none for several months after we implemented Captcha.

  6. monkey Avatar

    Meh, spam happens.

    Went to a talk the other day given by one of the guys from Adobe who developed this. Turns out it’s not learned libraries and that’s precisely why it’s so fast. No need to build up a database — it’s a mixture of random sampling and deterministic image patch matching. Very cool stuff.

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