The Tears of Canada

Stick with the video until the end to see the different angles – sweet no-look OT winner for the US over Canada in the World Juniors Gold Medal Game. Thanks to Monkey for the heads up on this one.







4 responses to “The Tears of Canada”

  1. wadE Avatar

    nice shot… they were saying “pro” when talking about Carlson… does he play in the NHL?

  2. alex Avatar

    I didn’t really pay attention to the audio, but I’d be shocked if all these kids haven’t already been drafted, so he’s almost certainly the property of some NHL team. Probably what they meant.

  3. monkey Avatar

    Almost all of ’em are drafted already but playing junior hockey or college (1-2 are not old enough for the draft yet). I vaguely recall that one of ’em is playing NHL. It’s not an amateur tournament, so that’s not an issue. Either way, one can play a certain number of pro/NHL games before losing amateur status and having the pro contract kick in.

    Carlson plays D for the Caps. GP=3.

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