Sign of the Apocalypse

I don\’t even drink coffee, but I\’m thinking there will be riots in cubeland shortly:

Some changes to coffee and tea service in Refreshment Centers
Do you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea from your Refreshment Center? If so, you will soon see changes to the selection and service that will help reduce waste and administrative expense by nearly $40,000 each year, while promoting environmentally-friendly behavior at the same time. Facilities will be changing the brand of coffee served to a lower-cost high-quality coffee [ed: we had Caribou Coffee] and will no longer offer the flavored coffee of the month or Bigelow specialty teas, with the exception of the green tea selection. Coffee will still be fresh ground, and coffee and tea will continue to be free for employees and guests.

Did you know that in 2009 we used approximately 330,000 disposable cups? That’s nearly 6,300 cups each week! To support our “reduce, recycle, reuse” efforts, disposable plastic and foam cups will no longer be provided as of Jan. 15, 2010, or sooner if we run out. Please use a reusable coffee cup or water bottle for your beverages. Disposable cups will still be offered in the Hospitality Center and Conference Center for guest.

Thank you for your support of this important waste-reduction strategy to support the financial strength of our business and our ability to provide superior service.







3 responses to “Sign of the Apocalypse”

  1. alex Avatar

    I have follow up questions. Is this a free service offered to employees? If not, how does the pricing work if say I bring in a 64oz coffee keg? Actually, aside from that I think these are mildly impressive changes.

  2. Sara Avatar

    I think these changes are awesome and I would LOVE to see more workplaces use them. Disposable coffee cups stay in our landfills for thousands of years…and your lukewarm stale office coffee only lasted ten or so minutes.
    Well done!!

  3. anderswa Avatar

    we have the styrofoam cups in our break room but they’re rarely used, and frowned upon when they are. everyone uses their own mug / thermos / whathaveyou and that seems to work out pretty well. i can’t imagine much pushback on that, to be honest; i think people would (like me) would be pissed about the elimination of the Bigelow tea options.

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