I didn\’t see that one coming

Interesting post here from Fake Steve – who, if you didn\’t know, writes as a Steve Jobs impostor, if Steve were more comedian and less businessman. It starts out as a hypothetical \’why AT&T\’s network is sucking the fun out of the iPhone\’ conversation, and turns into a \’what\’s wrong with America\’. And while I\’ll admit I have a bias on this particular segment of the \’what\’s wrong\’ topic, he nails it:

\”…Wall Street got involved and became everyone’s enabler, devoting all their energy and brainpower to breaking things up and parceling them out and selling them off in pieces and then putting them back together again, and it was all about taking all this great shit that our predecessors had built and “unlocking value” which really meant finding ways to leech out whatever bit of money they could get in the short run and let the future be damned. It was all just one big swindle, and the only kind of engineering that matters anymore is financial engineering.\”








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  1. wadE Avatar

    After reading that (and it was very entertaining and insightful btw – thanks for sharing) and what’s interesting is that I see both sides of the argument. Since I am in the engineering business I know first hand that often it’s easier (read: cheaper) to patch the crap you having instead of actually taking time (read: money) to do it right.
    Also, if 3% of users are pulling down 40% of bandwidth we are talking about people who are running through terrabytes of info a month.
    All in all, I couldn’t be happier because 1) I don’t care for AT&T and 2) this punishes Apple for signing the exclusive contract with AT&T. Apple is just as guilty of going for the money. It’s their whole philosophy… tight control of hardware. Superior products for high prices and inflexibility.

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