Pet Peeve of the Moment

People who make U-Turns on green arrow (left turn) lights.

Honestly, I have no idea if this is illegal or not,[1. It\’s probably not] but it should be. Reason: people slow down to start the U, which accordions the traffic behind as people react to the change in speed. It\’s annoying, and if you\’re one of the last cars through it could cause you to miss the light. Which is double annoying. So don\’t do it. Make your left turn, and double back some other way. Jackhole.







4 responses to “Pet Peeve of the Moment”

  1. wadE Avatar

    Is there a specific intersection where the u-turns are happening? I understand your frustration, but I’ve been known to pull a u-turn from time to time… I believe it’s perfectly cromulent…

  2. alex Avatar

    Again, I’m not saying it’s illegal, just that it observably disrupts the flow of traffic and annoys me. If you choose to take that as a personal attack because it’s something you do, well, you deserve it, jerk. 🙂

  3. wadE Avatar

    Nope… not remotely taking it as a personal attack… just curious about which intersection. For instance, when I’m headed east on Hwy 7 approaching Hopkins X-rd and I want to go to Lunds, I do a U-turn and enter via the Hwy 7 side entrance since the left is much longer and has yet another left turn light. So am I a jerk for doing that?

  4. alex Avatar

    Hmm. I do approve of your tactical reasoning. I still doubt that you can pull it off without slowing down and panicking the typical MN driver and effing up the traffic flow… but I won’t call you a jerk for that one. Still, I think the general rule of thumb should be: Don’t.

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